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World Domination: Episode Twenty Five
The door to the studio bathroom creaked open.
Chris tiptoed inside.
“Hello?” he called out. “Margot? It’s me! Chris! The guy you’re crazy obsessed with? I’m here for the crazy sexual times we talked about a few minutes ago? And we’ve got some time: Myles and Roger both still have three more flags to get before they come back to the studio.”
The bathroom door slammed shut.
Chris whirled around, finding Margot at the door, locking the two of them inside.
“Oh wow this is awesome!” Chris blurted.
Margot strode toward the beaming Chris. However, before Chris could realize what was happening, Margot grabbed the back of his head and slammed it onto the sink counter.
“Less awesome!” Chris murmured as he collapsed to the floor.
Myles landed in the African plains. The same lionesses Roger had encountered began to circle him.
Panic flashed across Myles’ face.
“It’s a lon
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World Domination: Episode Twenty Four
Jessica twitched on the floor of the Aftermath studio.
Her eyes fluttered open.
She sat up slowly, her vision blurry. He hair frizzed out in every direction. As she began to regain her composure, she noticed the many familiar faces staring back at her.
“Wh-what happened?” she asked.
“You tried to grab the flags out of order,” Rebecca explained.
“Hurry! You need to get moving!” Chris shouted. “Myles and Roger both only have six flags left to get, and they’re each halfway to their next ones!”
“Yeah, if you don’t hurry up, you’re going to make us, your loyal supporters, look like idiots!” Austin exclaimed.
“That’s not what will make you look like idiots,” Margot murmured.
“You got a problem, Frenchie?!” Austin snarled.
Margot rolled her eyes and flashed Chris and Austin her middle finger.
Jessica grabbed her iPad, looking at where she needed to go.
:icontoongenius:ToonGenius 5 3
World Domination: Episode Twenty Three
Rebecca and Roddy sat at the desk in the Aftermath studio. The lights were dimmed. Crew members bustled around the studio.
“Nice of them to keep everything in the studio after they shut us down,” Roddy shrugged.
“Maybe they just put it back in the studio after they decided they wanted our part back for the finale?” Rebecca pointed out.
“Oh. Yeah. I guess that’s possible,” Roddy agreed. “But still. Nice of them to move it instead of making us do it.”
“Okay, here we go,” the floor manager called out. “5…4…3…”
Upon the floor manager’s cue, the lights turned on. A couch was on either side of Rebecca and Roddy’s desk, and one behind them.
“Hello! And welcome to World Domination Aftermath!” Rebecca announced. “I’m Rebecca!”
“And I’m Roddy,” Roddy added. “It’s been awhile, but it’s good to be b
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World Domination: Episode Twenty Two
Chris slouched against a door in the plane aisle.
“Last time, on World Domination!” Chris proclaimed. “We went to Japan, and put our final five up against the Ninja Warrior course. Roger did the best on the course, and, sadly, Andrew was voted out. Now, we’re down to two girls and two guys: the final four! Who will finish in the top three? Will the final three be exclusively members of the Vicious Propellers? Why do these contestants insist on voting out the people I like?! Find out now, on Woooooooorld Domination!”
Chris and Priyanka were squeezed into the tiny airplane bathroom. A camera peeked through the slight crack in the door to capture their conversation.
Priyanka slapped Chris across the face.
“Why do you keep doing this to us?” Priyanka asked.
“Priyanka, I’m sorr—”
“Sorry? Sorry doesn’t cut it anymore,” Priyanka groaned. “I know you probably think it’s cool to not care ab
:icontoongenius:ToonGenius 3 7
World Domination: Episode Twenty One
Chris sat in the cockpit with Kenner and Cameron.
“Last time, on World Domination!” Chris announced. “We went to Boston, or Cambridge, I don’t know, somewhere in Massachusetts. We had our contestants compete in a boat race. It was largely unexciting, but we finally got that annoying Ryan out, so it wasn’t all bad. That leaves us with our top five for World Domination, but who won’t make it to the final four? How will Jessica deal with being the only remaining contestant not in an alliance? Why do we have to have so many challenges based in North America? Find out now, on Woooooooorld Domination!”
The final five stood in line at Austin’s food court. Myles and Andrew were at the front, followed by Roger and Brandy, while Jessica lingered at the back.
She watched the two pairs talking, a bit of sad jealousy on her face.
“Maybe I should have been in an alliance,” Jessica sighed.
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The End :icontoongenius:ToonGenius 4 2 I Did It For Me :icontoongenius:ToonGenius 3 4
World Domination: Episode Twenty
Chris leaned on the airplane bathroom door.
“Last time, on World Domination!” Chris announced. “We went to Iran, of all places. Some of our former contestants were on the run from terrorists and we were legally obligated to get them home safe. Or at least just out of Iran. We let those we rescued vote the next contestant off, and it happened to be Dina. But who will be next? How will these alliances fair? Why is it getting so hard to think of challenges? Find out now, on Woooooooorld Domination!”
The door to Penny’s editing room creaked open.
Ryan poked his head inside. He looked around; it was empty.
He crept inside, searching the room for something.
Finally, he found a USB drive labeled “Contestant Votes – Argo Fudge Yourself”.
“Something felt off with that last elimination ceremony,” Ryan said. “Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad Dina’s no longer a threat, but I thought fo
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Three Years :icontoongenius:ToonGenius 2 0 Self-Checkout :icontoongenius:ToonGenius 1 0 Dentist :icontoongenius:ToonGenius 5 1 Basketball :icontoongenius:ToonGenius 4 3
World Domination: Episode Nineteen
Chris poked his head out of his room.
“Last time, on World Domination!” Chris announced. “We went to the Amazon for a challenge reminiscent of the movie Predator and its sequel, Predators! The contestants didn’t even know what hit them! Mostly because we gave them very limited information! Anyway, it was a classic off-them-one-by-one set-up, leaving Brandy and Dina as the last ones standing. Nick may not have been the first to be eliminated in the actual challenge, but he was sentenced to ‘falling out of the airplane’ by a jury of his peers. Will Jessica and Ryan be able to take advantage of the two alliances battling it out? Will the loose ends from the previous episode ever be tied up? And seriously, will I ever stop basing challenges on movies? Find out now, on Woooooooorld Domination!”
“Why vote off Nick?” Dina asked. “Well, after Jolie was eliminated, we knew we were going to have t
:icontoongenius:ToonGenius 3 12
World Domination: Episode Eighteen
Chris had set up a Slip-n-Slide across the main aisle of the airplane, and slid down it toward the camera.
“Last time, on World Domination!” Chris announced. “We went to New Zealand to return Rebecca’s engagement ring. What happened was a loose parallel to The Lord of the Rings, as well as a weakening of one of the alliances! Dina, Myles, and Andrew suffered a blow when their alliance member, Jolie, was voted off. Will they seek revenge on the other competitors? Will we manage to get a challenge on every continent? Will there be more challenges loosely based on movies? Find out now, on Woooooooorld Domination!”
Dina, eyes closed, plummeted toward the earth. After a few moments of the wind smacking against her face, her eyes slowly fluttered open. They immediately widened upon seeing the jungle below grow closer and closer.
Dina flailed her limbs around, until she realized there was a parachute strapped to her back. She immediately deploye
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First, hello! It's been a little while! Mostly because I've been working on a sketch comedy show on YouTube:…

Which is a big part of why I'm here!

We're looking for artists to collaborate with us for a video! So if you are interested in having your work showcased in a holiday video, send three samples to for more information!

And spread the word to other artists! The video will look the best with a variety of artists and art styles to showcase!


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Hi, I'm Chris, the creator of the somewhat auto-biographical comic strip Sad But True. Sad But True currently runs in The Lumberjack newspaper at Northern Arizona University. You can also find Sad But True online at or at

I also enjoy doing fan-art.


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